About the Artist
Yvonne Landsbergen Style: Pastel, Collage, Animals
Yvonne Landsbergen

“I have had a love of art since I was young, a love that has remained with me over the years.
For my paintings, I draw inspiration from nature and the imagination.”

Yvonne Landsbergen was born in Vlaardingen,Holland, but since 2001 resides in Portugal.
Her Works are inspired by many different things that bring colour to our lives.
Yvonne’s art doesn’t follow defined rules, after leaving Holland in 1993 her art represents a mixture of styles and influences from Holland, the Caribbean and Portugal among others.

“I love to paint living things, people, animals. Daily we are surrounded by beauty and to see it we need to pay attention.”
“I like to place realistic images in the imaginary to stimulate YOUR imagination.”

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(60 x 80cm)

Blue Jay

(60 x 80cm)


(60 x 80cm)

Bee Eater

(60 x 80cm)

Mentioned Dimensions
(w x h cm)

Pegasus & Orchids

(50 x 70cm)

Pegasus & Flowers

(50 x 50cm)

Unicorn & Full Moon

(90 x 153cm)

Unicorn in Flowerwood

(95 x 75cm)

Galloping in Flowers

(50 x 60cm)

Prancing Fantasy

(50 x 60cm)

Horse & Wings

(100 x 60cm)

The Hun

(100 x 70cm)

Bond, James Bond

(95 x 75cm)


(95 x 75cm)


(156 x 87cm)

Angelina Jolie

(95 x 75cm)

Butterfly & Tigers

(70 x 50cm)

Portrait Blizzard Horse

(40 x 40cm)

Blizzard Horses

(50 x 40cm)

Dusty Ride

(70 x 50cm)

Pretty in Pink

(100 x 100cm)


(40 x 40cm)


(70 x 50cm)

Lovin’ Lions

(80 x 80cm)


(60 x 60cm)

Sworses, Swans & Horses

(80 x 60cm)